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So Ivanka Trump’s big idea for ‘the future of work’ is … LinkedIn?

01.08.2020 · Posted in Other Articles, Technology Articles
So Ivanka Trump's big idea for 'the future of work' is ... LinkedIn?Ivanka Trump is not generally associated with the phrase "tech innovations" — a fact no one apparently bothered to relay to CES until it was too late. The president's daughter and failed businesswoman was at the annual technology convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, today to give a talk on the future of work. And what a future it is. According to Trump, the workers of tomorrow will be graced with an "interoperable learning record" which will allow them to bring a list of all their skills with them wherever they go.  That's right, Trump's big idea for the American worker is some kind of standardized LinkedIn.  Read more... More about Ces, Linkedin, Ivanka Trump, Tech, and Other

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