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Sneeze-free solutions for springtime allergies

02.26.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Springtime is the perfect time for gardening. It’s the period when plants awaken from their long sleep in winter and beautiful flowers start to bloom.nnUnfortunately, this time of the year is a nightmare for over 35 million Americans with hay fever and other seasonal allergies. When spring arrives, these people experience a runny nose, nasal congestion and sneezing. nnThese uncomfortable and annoying symptoms make it impossible for those with a green thumb to do some gardening and prevent them from enjoying the flowers. nn”In the early spring, the major culprit is wind-borne pollen from trees. In late spring, grasses start to cause trouble. The worst springtime allergy signs and symptoms occur during hot, dry or windy days when there’s a lot of pollen and mold in the air,” according to the Mayo Clinic.nnOne solution is to use artificial plants. However, giving plastic flowers to your loved ones can make you look bad no matter how good your intentions are. That’s why I don’t recommend them.nnThe best way to battle springtime allergies is to be prepared. Be aware of what you can do to avoid the problem. In this regard, here are some practical tips from the Mayo Clinic to consider:nnDon’t make the mistake of going out on dry, windy days when you’re most likely to encounter pollen. Your best bet is to leave the house after it rains since this reduces pollen from the air.nnDon’t linger in your outdoor clothes. Change them as soon as you reach home and take a good shower to wash pollen away from your skin and hair.nnDon’t sleep with your pets. Keep them away from your favorite couch too. Their fur is a pollen magnet.nnDon’t leave your clothes outside to dry. They too can attract pollen and give you trouble later.nnMonitor pollen counts by tuning in to your local radio or TV station. If you need to go outside on a bad day, wear a dust mask and take allergy medications before symptoms start.nnKeep doors and windows closed at night or when pollen counts are high. Switch on your air conditioner instead.nnDon’t go out in the early morning. This is the time pollen counts are highest.

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