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SIM Only Contract Deals – More Minutes And Texts

06.08.2009 · Posted in Technology Articles

If you are happy with your current phone, or simply looking for a way to save money, then a SIM only mobile phone contracts could be the perfect offer for you.rnrnSIM only contracts are a new type of phone contract based on a 30 day period. They are offered by all of the major UK mobile phone networks, and offer great value for your money when compared to traditional contracts or pay as you go phones.rnrnWhile standard phone contracts are normally expensive, SIM only alternatives are a lot more cost effective due to the fact that they don’t include the cost of the mobile phone. You’ll usually get a lot more minutes and texts for your money. And since this is a relatively new deal, there are a number of great offers out there if you look around including on T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile and others.rnrnOne of the biggest benefits of those SIM monthly contracts is that they do not force you into a 12 month fixed contract, and they usually last from month to month. You can cancel your contract whenever you need to. This is great news for anyone who may have a hard time paying for an expensive 12 month contract, or even those who didn’t pass the credit check for those contracts in the past.rnrnNo matter what network you choose for your SIM only contract you have the benefit of being able to keep in touch with your friends on any mobile network. However, check that your minutes include landline numbers and if they include any time restrictions. They will usually allow you to call at any time of day, though there are still some deals that need to be used off-peak.rnrnSIM monthly contracts are not a risk for the mobile phone networks, so they tend to offer them to most people without doing the standard credit checks that you will usually find with traditional contract phones. The great news is that you will still experience all of the benefits of traditional contracts, all except the mobile phone handset.rnrnJust compare all of the different SIM deals around to find the best one for your needs. Look at finding a deal with the highest number of texts and minutes for your monthly cost, and you should be saving hundreds each year in comparison with a traditional contract!rnrnSIM only deals are now being offered by all of the major mobile phone networks, including Vodafone, Orange, O2, T-Mobile and Virgin. They will all offer different amounts of texts and minutes for your money, so compare to find the best deal that suits the way you use your phone.

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