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Shopify Instagram Shopping – What Is It & How Is It Useful?

05.12.2021 · Posted in Ecommerce Articles

If you are a brand and wish to up your marketing game to maximize your conversions and sales with the power of Social Media and Shopify, then you have landed at the right place. 

Social Media has, over the years, become an integral part of our lives. 

It’s surprising that what once started as a platform to interact, socialize and make connections has over the years become a platform for brands and businesses to advertise, showcase their businesses, and eventually grow their conversions and sales. 

One such social media platform which has garnered immense popularity is undoubtedly Instagram. 

It is a no-brainer that the minute we wake up in the morning, the first thing that comes to mind is to instantly check our Instagram feed to check out What’s new? 


What Exactly Is Shopify Instagram Shopping?

As the changes in Shopping trends set in, online businesses too changed with the trends and started creating their presence on eCommerce platforms to increase their brand value, brand visibility, and gradually conversions and sales. 

Among many famous eCommerce platforms, one of the most preferred and favorite eCommerce platforms amongst online shoppers is Shopify. 

One of the biggest advantages of Shopify is it easily integrates with different account software, payment getaways, CRM’s and more. 

Eventually, brands have started adopting creative ways to increase their platform’s performance and increase their brand value. 

One such successful method is implementing Shoppable Instagram Feeds on Shopify

This provides brands with an amazing opportunity to sell their products and services on Instagram and Shopify via Shoppable Instagram Shopify. 

Shoppers always look forward to an easy and smooth shopping experience. Implementing Shoppable Instagram Feeds on Shopify assures users to enjoy a hassle-free and seamless shopping experience, which improves the brand’s performance. 

Benefits Of Shoppable Instagram Feed On Shopify

Leverage User-Generated Content To Build Social Proof

If you have a large number of loyal customers, they can easily become your brand’s brand ambassadors. 

By displaying the User Generated Content on your Shopify website, you can make your customers feel more confident about your brand. 

Your potential customers will feel the need and be sure about your product or service quality once they witness people trusting your brand and making purchases. User-Generated Content is one of the most powerful and result-driven forms of Content marketing, which can do wonders for your brand if utilized appropriately.

Simple & Hassle-Free Purchasing

One of the major challenges that eCommerce platforms face is to keep their customers glued to the website till the end. It is difficult to get a customer back on the website once they leave. 

The most efficient method to keep the visitors engaged on the website is by adding additional tags. Adding tags displaying further information like the product’s type and the price will make the customers more inclined to the products. 

More Customer Engagement 

Instagram is an extremely popular and visually appealing platform. It is vibrant and colorful. Attractive and appealing visuals surely grab the attention of audiences. 

People will be compelled to purchase once they see catchy visuals and visualize. 

When incorporated into eCommerce, attention-grabbing pictures can highly influence your audience into making purchases. 

Increased Conversion Rates & Sales

By adding a Shoppable Instagram Feed on Shopify, brands can effectively connect with the audiences and accelerate overall user engagement & credibility, resulting in increased brand conversion rate and sales. 

Improvised Customer Experience

All eCommerce businesses aim to provide an excellent shopping experience to their customers. Apart from quality products, all customers look for a simple, fuss-free, and organized shopping experience with a seamless checkout process. 

By integrating Shoppable Instagram Feed on Shopify, eCommerce businesses can benefit by getting more stars for their service and a much better customer experience.

Raise The Urge To Buy More

As much as shoppers look for quality, they give equal importance to quantity too. By displaying multiple posts through Shoppable Instagram Feed, onlookers often start visualizing products on them and feel the need to buy more products instead. 

Final Words

We are certain that you are aware of the significance of integrating Shoppable Instagram Feeds On Shopify by now.

This method is gradually becoming one of the most popular and beneficial marketing techniques to boost sales and put faith in the customers. 

To give your customers easy access to your products and influence them to make a purchase, adding a Shoppable Instagram Feed will effectively do the needful. 

Using this method, you can efficiently give your customers a complete insight into your products/services. 

Get ready to stand out from the crowd and increase your sales by integrating Shoppable Instagram Feed On Shopify! 

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