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Shoe Store’s In Brisbane

04.24.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

If the sight if a new pair of shoes makes you drool more than a picture of Brad Pit then you are a person after my own heart. People have compared me with the infamous Imelda Marcos for my ever increasing shoe collection but I am still a long way off being a Carrie Bradshaw. Yes, I love my Manolos but I cant walk very far in them. Some may say that walking in shoes should be top priority but they clearly do not understand the exhilaration of just putting your feet into these babies, let alone taking them home in their little box. Also dont forget that shoes are one of the only clothing items you can buy that will always fit you however much weight you gain or lose and will last for years and years. They are an investment! Yes, I may have a small addiction, but in the interests of research, I discovered that Brisbane has enough shoe stores to keep someone with a shoe fetish happy for months. Here are just some of the amazing shops I have found:nnDavid Johns and Myer department stores have selections ranging from hip youngster to mature adult. Thier price range is suitable for any budget. Jean Brown specialises in Giuseppe Zannotti and Alexander McQueen. Even if you wear these shoes once, you have to buy them! Louis Vuitton – need I say more!nnWittner ” A great top end shoe store chain are popular across the board. Zoe Wittners shoes suit the season and the prices are mid-range, giving you a great look for your money and her Boots are fabulous! Zu ,is a great shop for groovy and inexpensive shoes with all the latest features .nnHYPE, located in the Queen Street Mall, gears their selections towards a younger market. Whether you are looking for fashionable shoes or sporty shoes you HYPE is the place. Ukko shoes, is located in Bulimba. here you will find the brands that most main stream stores dont carry.nnNat Sui carries the Natalie Mainwarings brand which has become popular among young women. Her jewel covered flip flops are a must have for the summer. In Paddington, Adavera shoe store has a large selection of shoes that are flat and comfy. Papillo and Birkenstocks brands are in the mist of this selection. nnWith all these great stores, there is no reason for anyone to not have there feet well dressed in the city!

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