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Shingle Tab Fix Roof Repair | How To Under $10

11.12.2019 · Posted in Home Improvement Articles

So what we’re working with today is Roof repair. I’ve got some shingles this one’s about to fall off you can see where it’s been flapping in the wind this one right here is already detached and then this one is barely hanging on as well usually what I like to do is just get anything loose where this thing’s gonna stick nope that one was just barely hanging on too so don’t really make much difference if they’re on or off I’ll just I like to put them back where they because they’re kind of like a puzzle this one doesn’t meet up this one’s perfect for right here to get everything outputting this up underneath it is just to stick that back down and usually a pretty good beat is sufficient but since it is uh ripped up here.

I like to put a bead where it’s ripped as well if they’re just loose and flapping then just one bead right in the middle is usually will suffice and anytime I see something like that – I can see the tar paper in between this ***** alright so there’s one down that’s just what it looks like and I don’t spread it or anything like that because I use the shingle as you can see it’s pretty good. Where it’s covering that ***** where it’s supposed to be covered you can see it ooze it out a little bit and I like to gently press it down and that evens everything out so this shingle is stuck and I’ll go back over that in a minute but now I got this one to do and this one so I’ll put that right above where they’re gonna go and these I take a little bit special care sometimes. I’ll lift up just a little bit is what you’re wanting to do is just seal where that shingle was just so you don’t have any leaks now I wasn’t having any leaks with this yet now who knows it could have been leaking in the Attic a little bit and you’re never gonna know what you don’t want to do is lift up too much. Because then you’re gonna cause a problem where all the other ones start getting loose so that’s my seal right there I’ll make a secondary just enough to get a little bit of the sealant up underneath all righty that one looks a little bit prettier than that one but it all works. The same what I will do is put a little bit extra right here though just because I like to see where it uses out a little bit and that’s where the paper towels come in and I’ll show you so I like to line it right back up where it was and I like to see that line where it’s starting to use up that’s why I put a little bit of extra on that one this one’s pretty even and line it back up that’s why I wear gloves because when you get a little bit of that on your finger you can’t get right back down off the roof easily to wash your hands and the paper towels come in this next step it makes this a little bit more difficult because it is windy today so I’m having to hold on everything that I’ve got but usually what I’ll do is just smooth that out just a little bit what you just want to do is form a bond kind of like the shingle was never ripped so that looks pretty good I may add just a little bit extra right there that looks great you know I’ll come back to this one which it was still attached right through here so you don’t see anything using out right here but here’s where it was ripped and I’ll just smooth it on out make sure that the shingle is stuck down pretty good needs. Just a little bit more right here and that’s the job that was three shingles in a row the rest of these are all stuck down.

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what you want to look for is this signs of stress and that’s what led me to find actually found this one flipped up completely I’d already got on the roof and just to see what was leaking on another side that I got over there and I found these flipped up so I wanted to fix these first because these are always pretty easy to fix and they don’t have to be beautiful it just has to keep it the wind from ripping anymore up because what will happen is one will start flapping and then they just kind of you get a big chunk that just flies up pretty much wraps up this repair right here and thanks for watching and if you have any questions once again this is what I’m using POS 30 polyurethane sealant roof and flashing. For more visit savuti roofing san antonio.

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