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Shall I Start HomeSchooling My Child?

11.08.2009 · Posted in Reference and Education Articles

The benefits of homeschooling are uncountable. The most advantageous point is that you don’t need to bear the stress of separating from you kids anymore. Homeschooling can let you have the chance to control the impacts which on your kids.nnYour child can grow and develop under your control. You can determine what is good or bad for your child to learn. So your child’s learning curriculum can be customized to interest your child and be directed against your child’s weaknesses.nnAlso, you can pay full attention to your child. For example, if you find out your child is not good at Mathematics, you can allocate more time on Mathematics and less time on other subjects.nnThe learning schedule is not fixed. You have the power to design the schedule according to your child’s own needs and interests.nnFurthermore, the whole family, including both parents, can take part in the learning process of their child. This allows more family time. For example, parents can go for a field trip and do experiments, projects or even chores with their child. The more time they spend with their child, the more united the family is. Also, the child will not be affected by his or her peers in decision making.nnThere will be no competition in homeschooling. Your kid does not need to prove any ability and his confidence always remains at a higher level. Parents usually understand their child very well and they can plan the best curriculum for their child according to his/her interest.nnThe tailor-made curriculum should be fun. So children will find learning entertaining even if the topics they are learning are difficult. As the learning styles of different children may vary, it is important to modify the curriculum if it cannot interest your child. For example, some children may like to write while some may like to read.nnWith a specialized learning curriculum, your child can enjoy individual attention and they can be free of any peer pressure. If you are capable of and confident in homeschooling, it is better to educate your child through this way.

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