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Setting Yourself Up for Outstanding Performance

04.22.2009 · Posted in Business News Article

Starting up a business is a lot of work. Truth is that in the beginning we have to have a balance between the activities involved in making our business successful, and holding open that concept and direction, aka the dream.nnIt does take a special mentality to start a business. Call it guts, if you like, but you have to be able and willing to step out of the normal. You also need to be willing and able to be assume roles that may not be of interest, but are vital for the start up of your business.nnYou can look at your home business like a story with many characters. Can you see yourself playing these different roles? How do these characters interact? Do they support one another, allowing each character to shine, or is there a more dominant role taking over the stage? nnYour product is also one of the characters in this story you are producing. Whether it is product or service, the product must take the spotlight at least some of the time. How much have you developed this character? What will draw others to this member of the cast, make them want to pay attention?nnRemember that you, the main character, cannot walk up to the podium at the beginning, ready to accept their Oscar, not until the story is a success and the other characters have become successful in themselves. Giving your support to all aspects of your business is vital during the start up in order to find your personal success.nnPerspective is a great tool for any business. You need to have that five thousand foot viewpoint to look at the bigger picture. You also need the precision and focus to look at the details, how everything fits together. Pennies do count, and that little bit here and little bit there can add up to define your profitability.nnBy defining and supporting all roles in your home based business you can better allocate your time and energy to strengthen those areas that need support. It takes a full cast to bring about a successful production. Who knows, you make be in line for that Oscar for Best Performance.

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