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Setting Outside Ashtrays In Key Regions To Reduce Littering

02.08.2012 · Posted in Marketing Articles

Apart from second-hand smoke, one of the problems which cigarette smoking may bring is the cigarette butts that wind up littering the roads. Putting open-air ashtrays in strategic areas can certainly help cut down the problem of littering. Arrange these in allocated smoking areas and inside any region where you spot an excessive volume of discarded cigarette butts.rnrn2007 saw the passing of smoke-free work environment legislation throughout Great Britain. This regulation meant that firms everywhere had to scramble to supply a place for employees to smoke and discard their cigarette butts.rnrnStill, even with selected smoking zones, it is not that rare to see cigarette butts littered across street corners and also other open public places. With tobacco products, specifically cigarette butts, remaining one of the most chucked away objects any place, the demand to have waste bins to toss used cigarettes to be able to reduce the putting out of cigarettes on the ground cannot be stressed enough.rnrnSetting up external ashtrays near the access way to the front door, even so, may not be invariably enough to help get around the nuisance of cigarette littering. More often these days, the appropriate way to proceed is to place a number of these outdoor ashtrays simply because, practically speaking, people who smoke won

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