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Save over 50% on this air fryer from chef Wolfgang Puck

06.11.2019 · Posted in Cooking Articles, Technology Articles
TL;DR: This calorie-cutting Wolfgang Puck air fryer is a healthier way to make your favorite fried snacks, and you can save over 50% when you buy it in the Mashable Shop.
The Air Fryer is about to usurp the Instant Pot's throne as the ultimate must-have kitchen appliance. A culinary tool that was once relegated to a passing fad, fried food lovers (so basically everyone) have preached about its wonders, marveling at how it's now possible to cook crisp, golden dishes without using much oil. You've probably already thought about buying one but have been waiting for a good sale. Folks, today's your lucky day, because we're now holding a sale in the Mashable Shop on the Wolfgang Puck 7.2-Quart XL Air Fryer, which is now available for 53% off. Read more... More about Cooking, Kitchen, Mashable Shopping, Air Fryers, and Culture

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