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San Jose Air Conditioning and Heating 101

06.17.2009 · Posted in Home Improvement Articles

No matter what time of year it is, residents rely on San Jose air conditioning and heating professionals to keep their systems up and running when it matters the most. Being comfortably cool in the summer and warm in the winter is important not only for comfort but also often for health and safety. There are many kinds of systems available, and each one has many benefits and some drawbacks. Depending on your needs, the size of your home, and your budget, youll need to know a few things about San Jose air conditioning and heating systems to choose one that is right for you.rnrnFirst of all, there are all kinds of systems, from ducted ones that have the heat pump or air conditioning unit hidden to window units to free standing floor units. The ducted central systems are by far the most popular, and most experts agree that if you can afford one and you have the house that is suitable for one, these are the way to go. Ducting carries the warm and cool air from the home to the furnace or air conditioner where it is either warmed or cooled, then those ducts deliver the new air to all areas of the home.rnrnThere are many advantages to using this type of system. They are very energy efficient, they keep temperatures in the home steady and consistent, and they are easily controlled with the touch of the thermostat. Not only that, but they are completely automatic. The user sets the temperature that they would like the house to remain at, and the air conditioning or heating unit comes on whenever there is a need to adjust the temperature. Unlike window units or floor units, there is no unit to block a window or take up any floor space, either.rnrnSan Jose air conditioning contractors install, repair, and maintain these central systems for many residents, no matter what the season is or what the weather might bring. Although maintenance on these systems for the most part is minimal, it is important that they are kept clean and that routine preventive maintenance schedules are followed. Many different housing structures can use the central systems, and there are small units for apartments, medium units for condominiums, and larger ones for single family houses. Those homes that are extremely large will more than likely need more than one central unit, and in this kind of case, a few smaller units might be used instead of one large one to maximize air flow and efficiency. If you are interested in having a central unit installed, contact your San Jose air conditioning and heating expert for more information.

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