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‘Russian Doll’ renewed for second season at Netflix

06.11.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
Life is like a box of timelines, and in the one we're living in, Russian Doll is coming back for another round. Netflix announced Tuesday that it had renewed the surreal dramedy for a second season.
On the one hand, the first season of Russian Doll was one of the best and buzziest shows of 2019, thanks to a genuinely original premise and uniformly strong performances by Natasha Lyonne, Charlie Barnett, and the rest of the cast.  We're still trying (and failing) to replicate the sheer coolness of Nadia's wardrobe, yelling "Sweet birthday, baby!" instead of "Happy birthday" at our loved ones, and appreciating the very concept of Thursdays once a week. That's how much we loved and still love the show. Who could possibly argue with this wonderful series coming back? Read more... More about Russian Doll, Entertainment, and Movies Tv Shows

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