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The Influential Role of Teachers in Personalized Learning

01.25.2019 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

The technologies are infused into every sector we name today. It has gained an upper hand in the education sector too. To mention a few, it includes personalized learning with Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and, more.

Let us understand the influential role of teachers amidst these technologies walking into the classroom here.

A Teacher is the most influential person in our life. They are the ones who follow us through each stage of our development. Say, from morning to evening, five to six days a week, we spend our time with them for more than twenty years.

They bring out the talent in us unknown to ourselves and guide us to lead a life. To highlight a few roles here, they are the guide, mentor, second parent, friend, role model, and so forth.

They guide us for intellectual debate, inspire us to move forward in life, help in academic learnings through teachings and exercises, acts like a friend by helping in exam schedules, dress code, appearance, and whatever you can name.

Moving forward, today’s new technologies are showing its facet in the realm of education and redefining the role of teacher, but in a more influential manner.

The students have started taking ownership in learning activities and getting adapted to the new learning practices. Some of the practices include Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, personalized learning with Artificial Intelligence, and more.

Let us understand the multiple and influential role of teachers in the realm of personalized learning techniques here.

Personalized learning is anticipated and bound to build a strong classroom culture. As the instructional methodology is tailored to the needs of the student, they are learning how to learn. The environment has become flexible and more transparent.  

Let us have a walkthrough.

  1. Student-centered classroom:

The classroom is no more teacher-centered but is student-centered. The teachers help the students by making learning at the individual pace, target tasks, assess the existing skills and knowledge and attend to varied needs of students.

  1. Facilitator:

Teachers help students to navigate through the technologies. With the interactive feedback from students, they help to move content broadcast, create homework time, contact time, and more. They help the students to keep moving on with their tasks by providing support to adaptive learning.

  1. Remediator:

The teachers are present always to help the students with learning disconnect. Of course, the psychology could be well understood by the teacher rather than the machines. They tweak the learning methodology with an appropriate approach for a particular student.

  1. Channelize the learnings:

The information gained from personalized learning with Artificial Intelligence must be channelized for applicability. The teacher plays the key role here by helping the student to gain the practical skills of the knowledge earned, which is beyond the scope of machines.

  1. Collaborator:

The teachers act as the collaborators too. They mentor the students to interact efficiently. When students actively engage in real-world activities, it helps them for future career growth by availing social and marketable skills.

  1. Content creator:

The content created by the teacher is a continuous process and will never end in spite of technology providing huge research and content on a topic. If you can remember here, many times we have thrown off guides and seniors’ notes for our teachers’ notes.

  1. True learning:

Though we are excited with what the new technologies can give the students, true learning is always through a socially mediated process, and not a machine-mediated process.

Here, the role of teachers is more influential. Amidst the technologies, a teacher sitting with an extended hand is the impulse of any student since ages and will be so in future too.

Key Takeaways:

The role of teachers never fades with the interruption of technologies. The technology will not replace teachers. In fact, their role is becoming more influential now.

A human touch to the personalized learning technique survives a long way in the transforming system of education today.


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