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Rescue weasel likes to play with human at computer

Brace for maximum cuteness.
This cute little weasel sure enjoys playing with their human's hand on that computer mouse. Such a cute little fuzzy dude. His name is Ozzy. I love that his name is Ozzy. Cute little pocket weasel. Not a pet, a rescue. From the uploader, Frisco68:
Yup, he loves to play. So do I. But before I get to go online and start killing, I'm being camped by this fearless fighter. But then again; his ping is so much lower than mine...
Disclaimer: A weasel is not a pet. They hate being locked up, they're not friendly when hungry. Don't get one. Seriously. Ozzy is a special case rescue baby. Cute, but deadly. ;)
The video was originally published in 2013, and is newly making the viral rounds.
Ozzy, the adorable desk weasel.
Love that Ozzy.
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