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Repair Outlook Data Files

05.01.2021 · Posted in Technology Articles

Organizations and people use Outlook extensively as their email client because of its simplicity and integration with MS Office and various Microsoft products. It also offers Exchange connectivity, which is beneficial for enterprise-level email communication.

Although it is a famous email client, customers are often faced with many mistakes while using it. Among many errors, however, the most popular error using them is “The set of folders cannot be opened.” This error regularly becomes a barrier for customers to access their Outlook emails and messages.

The root cause of this worrying error is not yet recognized as it must be due to incorrect setup of Outlook on your device or corrupt PST file associated with the Outlook account. There is also no direct answer to remedy this error.

But we have found some techniques that can effectively tackle this difficulty. So let’s have a closure that appears to be on each of these methods.

Note: Before using any of these methods, make sure that you also close the Outlook tool on your gadget from the historical past.

Start Outlook in safe mode

One of the easiest strategies to eliminate this error is to run Outlook in a safe mode. Uncertain mode, Outlook starts blocking the loading of add-ons. To run Outlook in protected mode, follow this process:

Start the Run command by pressing “Window + R.”
Type “Outlook / safe” and press OK.
A “Select Profile” dialog box appears, click “OK”.

If Outlook starts in protected mode, there are problems with the add-ons. To test whether Outlook goes for walks in safe mode, look at the reputation at the top.

Disable add-ons

If Outlook works great in safe mode, disable add-ons. To disable add-ons in Outlook:

Go to the Files tab and select “Settings & gt; & gt; Add-ons.”

At the back of the window, select “COM Add-ons” in “Manage Box” and then press the “Go” button.

You will find a list of all add-ons that work with Outlook. Deselect them all and click “OK”.

Restart Outlook now and see if the identical error occurs again or not. But if you are still facing the same problem, try different methods.

Create a new Outlook profile

The Outlook profile contains all the settings for the MS Outlook application. So, if this profile receives corruption due to some sudden errors, it might end up resulting in “The set of folders cannot be opened” errors. So try to develop a new Outlook profile

Go to Control Panel and select “Mail (MS Outlook 2016)”.

Press the “Add” button and enter the identity of the profile. In the “Automatic account setup” window, you also need to fill it in small print for your email account to set up a new profile.
Once you have created a new profile, it will appear on the General tab of the Mail dialog box.
In the section “When you start Outlook, use this profile,” select the new profile in the “Always use this profile” drop-down menu. And click OK.

After selecting the new profile, restart MS Outlook. And if Outlook starts normally undeveloped, it could be that the previous Outlook profile used to be corrupt. outlook the set of folders cannot be opened If you plan to remove the corrupt profile, make sure you back up that profile.

Start Outlook from the taskbar

It is a frequent truth that customers maintain their most used features attached to the taskbar for quick access. Well, it has been localized with the help of more than a few customers that ‘Set of folders cannot open Outlook’ errors can be prevented by starting Outlook from the taskbar.

To do this, make sure that MS Outlook is attached to the taskbar on your system. If not, find the Outlook shortcut on your gadget and drag it to the taskbar. Now right-click on the Outlook shortcut in the taskbar and select ‘New Email Message’ from the menu.

This is how Outlook starts regularly. However, this is simply a solution; it does not recover the error permanently you will have to repeat the technique every time to access Outlook.

Use an app password for Outlook

Most customers suggested that ‘the folder error cannot be opened’ is considered after linking their Gmail account to Outlook. In most cases, it will take place after you enable 2-step verification for your Gmail account.

2-step verification is a great way to disable your email account from unauthorized access; so it’s authorized to set an app password for Gmail when you hyperlink your Gmail account to Outlook.

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