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Reduce Stress Related to Infertility

11.03.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Stress is a funny thing. You feel stressed because you can’t get pregnant, yet that same stress decreases your fertility. Research findings prove this to be true. Women everyday are exhausted by the pressure of trying to juggle their work and home life while doing whatever it takes to get pregnant. What’s the solution? Eliminate stress? Just be happy?nnEasier said than done- but not impossible, if you are willing to change your way of thinking. Make your work enjoyable, after all you’re going to be there anyway. Try to overcome the boredom or whatever makes you feel stressed while you are there. Challenge yourself to have fun and laugh at life.nnAs there is an art in anything you do in life, try implementing this process at your work place. Figure out a better way. Keep challenging yourself in tasks you perform at work to keep it interesting and different.nnPeople might start to think you’re crazy for working so hard, but really you know you’re not crazy or working too hard, just trying to keep yourself challenged.nnThe point is you make your life the way you chose. It’s all in the way you look at things. Make you sure you let yourself see more than just one side of the coin. There could be a blessing in disguise on the other side of the coin.nnThe truth is you can never really control the outcome of anything. Don’t jump in and force things. Changing the way you think can change everything-maybe not all at once but a little at a time. Sometimes that is all you need. Be a solution and not a problem.nnWith all the stresses in life, something has to give. Stress will affect you. You can choose to be happy, enjoy life, and challenge yourself. When you stop challenging yourself, challenges will soon find you. Wouldn’t you rather have the power to choose?nnWomen struggling with infertility stress that no one else can relate to unless they have gone through it themselves. Know this: Life is precious; every moment is a treasure. At the end of the day, you cannot lose your spirit, your mental perspective. Your soul comes first.nnStress thrives on chaos and uncertainty. That is why it is so important to have a plan when dealing with your fertility issues. You need to understand the whole fertility field so that you can make choices. You must anchor and ground your spirit before you take one more step on the path. You must ensure your intimacy with your partner if you are in a relationship. You must gain perspective and try to put your mind at ease. One of the best ways to do this is through the practice of meditation.nnIn a broad sense, meditation is the training of our mind and our spirit. People tend to think meditation is just sitting still. But it can take many forms, and it can be for a wide variety of purposes. There is standing meditation, where you squat slightly. There is walking meditation. There are meditations practiced in solitude and meditations practiced in groups, with drumming and dancing. The possibilities are endless. But the number one goal is always the same: learning how to let go of control and any mental distractions and worries you might have.

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