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Reasons Why People Want To Take a Break From Job and Experience

04.17.2019 · Posted in Travel Articles, Travel Tips Articles

Annapurna Base Camp Trekking

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step ~ Lao Tzu

Are you searching for a reason to stop the mini-struggle within you and step into the wilderness of nature? Or are you scared of living a life full of adrenaline rush?

Adventure may not be the word of choice of one with a faint heart but, curiosity could be. If you are a seeker of paradise, then there is no reason to stop yourself from experiencing what it’s about to give you.

Annapurna Base Camp Trekking in Nepal is the getaway you need from your stagnant, daily life.

There are various reasons why people need a break from their jobs whether knowingly or unknowingly – creativity boost up, break from monotony of life, discover the real self, explore fascinating destinations, etc. A break from a job is like a breath of fresh air that brings with it a spark of newness, something that makes life interesting once again. And what better to celebrate a break from job than by embarking on the journey to the base of the mighty Annapurna Mountain. 

Reasons to go for Annapurna Base Camp Trek

First of all, Nepal is the birthplace of Buddha. The peaceful vibe of the city Pokhara will enrich your soul. The serenity of the dense, lush-green forests along with the picturesque images of centuries-old Himalayas can make you feel like you are living in one of the scenes from Vincent Van Gogh’s painting.

Going for a Trekking Tour in Nepal is a challenging yet an empowering experience. This journey is going to be massively feasible to reach the different peaks of Annapurna Massif. Why would anybody miss a chance to be here, after knowing that this place exists, and is real!

Nepal is universally known and recognized for holding the world’s highest peak- Mount Everest on its palms. The option of witnessing it if not climbing, is in itself an occasion of celebration. From the Annapurna Base Camp Trek, backpackers get the live show of this almost supernatural beauty.

  • The landscape of these surfaces a visual retreat in itself.
  • The topographical variations are to die for. As you trek up the mountain with the tourist guides directions, you will notice the textural differences so evident that you will feel like you have entered a whole new country with every turn.
  • A glimpse of the Mt. Everest. (This can become the highest point of your trip, rather life).
  • Panoramic view of the snow-covered mountains.
  • Machhapuchhre- the fishtailed mountain is believed to be one of the homes of Lord Shiva. They say that the exquisite beauty of this place is met only by some rare-souls since this holy place incorporates the divine energies of Lord Shiva at the heart of this mountain.

The mountain ranges bring out the lost adventurer in you. Every step you take during the trek marks the burying of all the upheavals from your lives. A holiday away from your work to this incredible destination won’t just tick your check-list but also help you attain a lot of values which you kept under your sheets. A feeling of joy, confidence, determination, embracing peace, uplifting your levels of patience, appreciating small acts of people, grounded, a sense of gratitude, making gestures to spread happiness, modesty, respecting nature, and filling the constant need of going back to explore something new about yourself.

These qualities above won’t just make you a whole-new, refined version of yourself but these merits are the embodiment of the healing powers of nature. This trek can break the shell you are currently living in. So, work hard, and then step up to follow your heart.

You deserve to give yourself a break!

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