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Real Estate Property in India

02.01.2019 · Posted in Writing and Speaking
Do you wish to live at the top
Invest in the sky
You might be living life in the busy street, but have you ever given a thought on living on the top floor? Penthouses are great property choice for added luxury, panoramic views, great location, natural light, peace, and quiet of being away above city streets. Because of all these added advantages, the trend of penthouse living is increasing tremendously.
Penthouses are popular amongst the people who desire to have a spacious outdoor area without spending much on buying a large house with garden area.
“Penthouses are the finest, largest, and most private residences in high-rise apartments.”
Here are the other benefits of having your own home in the sky:
Status symbol:       
Living on the top floor itself is a symbol of a luxury lifestyle. Penthouse usually boasts a high standard of specifications. The view from the top is another luxury that cannot be ignored; rarely does a lower floor apartment offer such an attractive panoramic view.
Customisation in Design:
The penthouse apartment is typically the largest unit in the building. It gives you plenty of space to play with. Some penthouses run over more than one floor, others take up the full space that houses two or three on a lower floor. The outdoor space is usually much larger than a balcony too. This makes them great for a couple living in style. Make the most of the spacious living areas, generous outdoor spaces with plenty of light and higher ceilings.
Silent & Private:
One of the undeniable bonuses of living on the top floor is that you have more privacy. It’s quieter and more exclusive as you are elevated out of the crowds and away from much of the noise. The most sought after penthouse apartment often have plenty of outdoor spaces.

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