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Pushchairs – 3 Components That Your Next One Must Have

05.11.2009 · Posted in Family Articles

It is amazing how many different makes and models of pushchair exist. Each comes with a different design, shape and functionality. Before you decide to purchase a pushchair think about choosing one that has these 3 important things on them:rr1. Pneumatic Tyres – if the pushchair or pram you buy has pneumatic or rubber tyres then your infant is going to have a much smoother ride. If your child spends any considerable amount of time in a pushchair or pram then these tyres will give them a much more comfortable experience. Most pushchairs have those little plastic wheels, and you know how bumpy the ride can be if the terrain is anything but perfectly flat. This isn’t great for your baby or infant. Taking your pushchair into new terrain like grass, paddocks, and the countryside is also possible with these types of tyres.rr2. Three Wheels – the main benefit of 3 wheeled pushchairs is that they are easier to move around when you are out and about. As a parent you will appreciate this when you are in narrow shopping aisles or just out and about in crowded areas. Being able to spin on a dime and turn a corner is a great benefit for urban parents. You should also look for a 3 wheeler that offers the ability to lock the front swivel wheel to offer greater stability if you should need it. Another benefit of these tri-wheeled pushchairs is they are not usually as wide as the others.rr3. Forward and Rear-Facing Seats – this allows you to have your child facing towards you or away from you. It usually just involves you unclipping the seat and turning it around. The research is clear, and it shows that babies and infants should be faced towards their parents as much as possible in a pram or pushchair. Nevertheless, our children will still want to see what is around them, so the ability to switch the seat around is a great benefit.rrConsider these 3 factors when you next purchase a pushchair.

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