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Prohibition Safety Signs – The Different Types

10.09.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

There are many different kinds of prohibition signs being used in the UK for a variety of reasons and below we look at what a few of these may be.nn1. General – You will see these kinds of signs everywhere and will advise you not to do something. The kinds of signs that fall into this particular category of prohibition signs are the do not touch, no ball games, no dogs except for guide dogs, no cycling or mobile phone use not allowed.nn2. Restricted Access – These kinds of prohibition signs are there to inform you that you are not allowed access or access to a particular area is only available to certain people. Signs which are classed as these types are the no entry, no exit ones, no admittance or no access allowed to personnel who are not authorised, pedestrians not allowed and the no climbing variety.nn3. Door Plate or Label – These particular signs will either have been situated on to the doors themselves or in a position close to the door. They will provide you with specific information for example informing you that the door is to be used for exit only in an emergency situation. But these signs may well carry information relating to other matters concerning health and safety.nn4. Machinery – Such signs will be situated on or close to certain pieces of machinery in order not to protect just those working with them but those near to them. Such signs that will be put on or beside any machinery are things like do not operate without protection, do not remove guards or do not switch off.nn5. No Smoking – These signs have become prominent since 2006 and 2007 when legislation was brought into force that no smoking was allowed in the workplace or in areas where the public congregated. All such signs must be displayed in prominent positions throughout premises. Although there are a few premises which are in fact exempt from this legislation and this includes nursing homes, prisons and bedrooms in hotels which have been classified as being rooms for smokers to stay in.nnAs well as the kinds of prohibition signs we mention above being used on a daily basis there are plenty of others that you will see and may not realize what they are. For example when you pass a construction site one of the first signs you will see is one that you may not enter without wearing a hard hat. The whole reason for these prohibition signs being in place is to protect us from any potential danger to our lives.

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