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As the CEO of Succeed Coaching and Development LLC, Shawn Driscoll is dedicated to empowering high achieving executives and entrepreneurs to accelerate their path to meaningful success. Shawn started her career in corporate HR and early success in spearheading leadership initiatives that got results inspired her to join a top consulting firm where she became an in-demand organizational change consultant to top business leaders. Upon leaving the corporate fast track she discovered her passion for motivating others to achieve ‘game changing’ goals they are passionate about. Today, Shawn helps clients break through to the next level of success by connecting them with how they are inherently ‘wired’ and uncovering their personal mission. It is Shawn’s belief that from this place of understanding we can achieve success, personal fulfillment and make the biggest difference in the world. Not one to think small, Shawn set a personal goal to unlock 1000 big visions by freeing up big thinking, ambitious leaders to rise to the challenge of their personal mission, take risks and play by their own rules in order to transform their lives and the lives of others. And after 7 years in business, she’s well on her way! Shawn has helped struggling entrepreneurs go from zero visibility to solving large scale problems and generating over 6 figures in just a few short months, while working less. And, she’s helped corporate executives redefine their individual role, empowering them to make a difference, and enjoy a high quality of life while contributing to the bottom line. Shawn has a master’s degree in Human Resources and Labor Relations, received professional coach training from CoachU and is certified by the International Coach Federation. Shawn’s expertise has been sought out by the New York Times, the New York Post, Women’s Radio, Fitness Magazine and as a speaker at professional associations, colleges and Universities.
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