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Jan Vermeiren is the Networking Coach and author of the network book “Let’s Connect!”and well known networking speaker. Jan and his team don’t only give networking and referral presentations, networking training courses, networking workshops and referral training courses, but also advice organisations how to stimulate networking at their events and how to integrate networking in their sales and recruitment strategy. The Networking Coach team works for large international companies like Alcatel, Deloitte, DuPont, EDS, IBM, ING, SAP and Sun as well as for small companies and freelancers. Go to www.networking-coach.com to get your FREE networking e-course and a light version of the book.
URL #1 : www.networking-coach.com
URL #2 : www.everlasting-referrals.com
URL #3 : www.networking-cd.com
Personal URL : www.letsconnectbook.com
Blog URL : www.janvermeiren.com
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