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Prevent Hair Damage by using Good Quality Water Wave Curly Hair Weave

11.02.2018 · Posted in Hair Loss Articles
<*** align="justify">Thinning and other hair loss conditions such as traction alopecia can occur when bad quality extensions and hair weaves when worn frequently. The damage caused could be anything from moderate to severe Depending on the method of attachment.

Because of how tight the cornrows are braided, when Hair weaves based on the track or cornrow method worn regularly can lead to traction alopecia. The weight of the hair sewn on adds further strain to the hair roots and makes things worse.

Before their natural growth phase is complete this will cause them to fall out and make them weaker. You must use the best quality Brazilian water wave weaves.

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Using a purpose made adhesive called bonding glue Hair weaves is also applied. It is usually anti-fungal and while the weave is being worn it prevent infections like ringworm on the scalp. With the adhesives used to attach lace wigs bonding glue is not to be confused.

Hair bonding glue can be white or black and as compared to the silicon-based adhesives used for lace wigs it is of a much thinner consistency.

When using bonding glue, in the position where the weft is to be attached the hair is parted, then before being pressed against the scalp in the desired position the glue is applied to the hair weft. In order to remove it safely to break the bond of the glue, an oil-based remover is usually required.

Before attempting to remove the hair weft, for at least 20 minutes the oil-based remover should be applied and allowed to sit. To prevent further loss you must buy better quality water wave curly hair weave.

Unfortunately, the bonding glue sticks to the hair and during removal, the bonding can rip it out from the roots even when care is taken. Regular use of bonding glues leads to thinning hair not just in the temporal region but throughout the head.

<*** align="justify"> <*** align="justify"> Any thinning or Traction Alopecia suffered could become permanent if the damage caused by bad quality weaves is ignored, and continued to be worn. By allowing the scalp time to recover and taking a break from the weaves permanent hair loss can be avoided.

The scalp can produce new healthy cells by a diet rich in protein, and supplements such as Zinc, Vitamin C and MSM, and in stretching the growth phase of the hair biotin can also help.

It is very important to note that trying to restore it to its original condition and treat the hair will be futile if weaves are still being worn and the scalp isn’t allowed time to recover. People prefer the original quality Brazilian water wave.
A topical treatment like minoxidil is recommended if the hair loss experienced is severe or you have bald patches.

However, Disadvantages are there with Using the 5% version, it can lead to unwanted ****** hair, which by the way once treatment is discontinued disappears. In order to restore your hair and confidence, it is not such a heavy price to pay.

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