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Preparing Your First Baby Shower Gift Basket

11.03.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

There are many creative and original ways in which you can make a baby shower gift basket. Generally, people go for typical baskets wherein, they can stack few diapers and twist blue or pink ribbons as per the gender of the baby. Or they also prefer themed baskets, which have baby items that fit the theme you want to have.nnConsider Baby Shower Gift RegistriesnnThe mothers to be nowadays are maintaining the registries of the gift they want for their baby showers. This is a more practical approach as it helps the mother to get the gifts, which are useful to her.nnTherefore, you need to refer the registries when deciding the baby items you need to keep in the basket. By looking into the registry, you will also be able to narrow down your choices and decide upon a theme if you want to work upon any.nnKeep Additional baby itemsnnGenerally, it is seen that a baby shower basket contains similar baby items. For example, you will find only diapers in a diaper baby shower basket. Instead, you can add few items like baby bottles, rattles and pacifiers to make it different and unique.nnTheme based Baby Shower Gift BasketsnnYou can also choose a theme on which your gift basket can be based. For instance, you can gift a basket based on bath theme wherein, you can put some baby’s bath items like a rubber ducky, shampoo, soaps, robe and many more. You can also include a disposable camera, which will allow the parent to capture the first bath of their tiny tot.nnFor assisting parents in maintaining the scrap book for remembrance of their child’s lovely childhood memories, you can even work on a scrap book theme. This theme requires you to gift various scrap booking supplies and picture frames.nnAnother popular theme is Bedtime theme. For bedtime theme, you can keep bedtime items like kiddo blankets, soft toys, fairy tale books, CDs, and other baby items for bed time. .nnYou can also gift mother a basket based on themes like spa. Stuff the spa basket with items like a wonderful scent, some aromatic candles, slippers and robe for a spa-like effect. .nnDesign the Baby Shower Gift BasketnnIdentify the size you want for your basket before buying it. Don’t go for a larger sized basket, if you have a moderate budget. With a big basket, you have place more items in it, which will make you overspend. Instead, go for a medium sized basket, which can be prepared in the budget you have. You may also use colorful raffia, tissues and other filers on the sides and bottom of the basket to make it look stuffed.nnIt is better to be aware of the gender of baby as it can help you to work a theme. It will also help you to stuff the items and ribbons of colors matching the theme.nnA well designed shower basket can be an ideal gift for mothers on this special occasion. Moreover, after the items are taken out of the basket, mothers can also use it for other purposes. To make your baskets a better gift, you can always play around with themes and different colors to decorate it.

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