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Power Your Test Teams with Test Automation Tools

10.05.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Defect tracking is a very critical part of the testing process. In the test process, it is important to track the life of bugs to ensure they do not manifest in other ways which may slowdown or halt or disrupt the working of software applications. One of the most common defect tracking systems that is implement in many project organizations is JIRA. The JIRA test platform merges well with other development tools and even provides detailed and exhaustive analysis and regular reports on source code, build, reviews etc.nnJIRA provides flexible permission levels to ensure that bugs and their current statuses are visible only to team leads or test leads. JIRA is a system that specializes in test team management by helping the team leads to monitor test activities with the help of personal dashboards and reporting features like test case tracking and quantitative analysis. JIRA can be integrated with other efficient test management tools which can help to reduce overall operating costs of the test teams.nnBugzilla is another favorite bug tracking systems widely used by many organizations around the world. Bugzilla is actually test software that is primarily used to track software bugs and source code changes. It also provides new features for quality assurance and communication within the team.nnBugzilla is supported by the Mozilla foundation, and is constantly upgraded to aid test organizations and test teams to reduce their downtime, enhance their productivity levels and above all, increase customer satisfaction ratings. When Bugzilla is integrated with robust test automation tools, it can provide for effective systems administration and deployment management.nnSince software test management activity is a highly critical phase of project development, companies need to opt for efficient and robust test automation tools which can improve the test team productivity.nnThe efficiency of any test team lies in defect recognition and tracking. For this, the teams require systems that can link or integrate with the various defect tracking systems used in other project modules.

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