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***** Train Your Baby Easily With The Baby Alive Doll

09.15.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Do you have a darling who simply enjoys being ‘mommy’ for the day? Is she also approaching the time when she has to learn how to go to the loo? Well there is no need to worry, as a brand new Baby Alive Doll is here to bring in the enjoyment of being ‘mommy for the day’ as well as help your little girl subconsciously discover the good reasons for using the loo in a ‘big girl *****’.nnThis particular Baby Alive Doll is designed to teach your child to be helpful and thoughtful to other people’s needs. This will benefit her all the way till adulthood.nnShe will have her very own *****-chair, diapers, clothes, bib, doll food, baby bottle, baby wipes, bowl and spoon. Your child will adore all that comes with her baby doll and she will be surprised that her ‘baby’ will sip from a bottle, eat food, take a nap and go to the loo in her own ***** chair!nnYou will more like the ***** training feature. The doll will tell your girl when she needs to go to the loo, and she will wet herself if your daughter does not take her to the ***** chair right away. After several repeats, your child will get to learn to follow her own ***** needs, too.nnAs the doll will make the ***** request from time to time, your girl will come to understand why going to the ***** on time is so important. Later on, there is no need for you to force your child to the loo, as she will happily do so by herself.nnThe manufacturer has developed this Baby Alive Doll in several skin tones, so that children from different background can all find a baby doll which they can easily recognize as themselves. This helps to enhance the connection between your daughter and her own ‘baby’.nnPotty training can be quite a hard time for both parents and the kids. However, with this Baby Alive Learns to ***** Doll, it is a lot easier for you and your child to accomplish the task faster and effortless. What’s more, your daughter will enjoy play mommy during the entire process and develop such great traits as in-dependability and responsibility.

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