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***** Training Target Plan

08.12.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

If you really want to get your child ***** trained, setting out targets and creating a plan can be a very beneficial way to achieve this. Most parents and guardians tend to lead busy lives and in this impatient world we want everything done at an instant. There lies the problem us! As parents and guardians, we must understand our child needs time and support from us so that they can successfully become ***** trained.nnBecoming ***** trained can be a difficult experience for your child. Think from their perspective. Sitting on something with a hole in it may not be so appealing to them? If you shout and show your frustration it only makes the learning worse. Try not to force them to sit on the seat. Encourage them by smiling and making ***** training fun, that way they will want to do it more. nnIf your child is reluctant to sit on a ***** seat, there is no point forcing them. This way they will not learn anything. Show patience and give them time to adapt to something which is new to them. Have you considered doing role plays? Show them how they should use the ***** seat. Children learn fast through watching someone. Also make a note of the times your child does toilet. You need to use this time to ***** train them. nnDevise a ***** target plan which sets out training activities on a daily basis. I know it may sound going a bit overboard devising a training target plan, but taking action in measurable steps do tend to work in many things in life.nnYou should consider the following points when devising your ***** training plan. nnTry to keep the plan simple. Design a plan that is realistic for your child to achieve. For example, the first step of your plan should be, does your child realize and tell you they have the urge to *****? If they do tell you, you can tick that first step off. The next step should be, are they able to undress with or without assistance and so forth. nnYou can start training your child by introducing them to what a ***** seat is and why it is used. Try to visually show them at all times as this is the best way for them to learn. nnBuy any ***** seat that will be comfortable for your child to use. There are ***** trainers on the market that play songs whilst your child uses it. Anything that is fun for your child to use, will encourage them to use it more. ***** training now becomes a more fun activity and less training. nnHowever you decide to ***** train, make sure you don’t show frustration especially during the training. If your child associates using the ***** as something that is not fun because they see you not enjoying training them, they will feel uneasy.

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