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***** Training Boys – 3 Reasons To Start ***** Training A Boy Sitting Down

11.04.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

***** training boys can be much harder than ***** training girls, usually just because they have more steps to learn. This article will discuss 3 reasons to begin ***** training a boy sitting down.nn1. Lessen The Confusion: It really doesn’t matter whether or not they learn how to urinate standing up or sitting down, but either way they will still have to learn how to go to the bathroom sitting down so they can have a bowel movement. Because of this fact it is often recommended that boys learn how to do both sitting down first, this will lessen the confusion as they do not have to learn two different skills simultaneously.nn2. Less Messes: After they have graduated to urinating standing up you are going to have more messes to deal with as they learn to aim. This part is unavoidable, so for the both of you it might just be easier to first ***** train them sitting down so you can avoid these messes and focus on the task of first learning how to use the *****.nn3. Faster Results: If you start by first tackling the use of the *****, rather than each individual process, you will most likely see faster results for the whole process. Then after they have successfully learned how to use the *****, learning how to *** standing up won’t be nearly as difficult and yes there will be messes to clean up, but these messes won’t be in addition to the other inevitable accidents that come with ***** training in the first place.nnThis article looked at 3 reasons you should start ***** training a boy sitting down. Because boys have more to learn than girls, it can be easier for them to learn sitting down first. This will result in fewer messes in the beginning and faster results since it is much easier to tackle one step at a time rather than two skills at once.nnPotty training toddlers is a taxing endeavor; it can take many weeks of perseverance and patience. The end result is worth the trials you both will go through and the above steps will hopefully help ease you through the transition from diapers to underwear.nnDeciding between ***** training your boy sitting down or standing up is a tough decision…nnWant to learn more?

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