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Plug-In Electric Cars Took 19% Of Market In Sweden

08.23.2018 · Posted in Cars Articles, Other Vehicles Articles

Sweden is experiencing Norway-like plug-in electric car sales market share.

As it was expected, the new tax scheme applied on July 1 (higher taxes for ICEs) caused a collapse of new car sales – especially diesel ones, which decreased to 23% of the market (from 48% one year ago). The all-electric and long-range plug-in hybrids benefitted the most, so their results went through the roof.
“A new fiscal system started on July 1st, where regular ICE models see their taxes increased (Malus), to the profit of a few PHEVs, but especially BEVs, that will see their incentives (Bonus) increase to some 6,000 euros”

Plug-in electric car sales and diesel car sales in Sweden (Source: EagleAID)

In total, some 2,340 plug-in cars were sold in Sweden last month, which is 96% more than a year ago at a market share of 19%! After seven months, sales stands at 15,579 (up 65%) at an average market share of 6.5%.

Plug-in electric car sales in Sweden – July 2018 (data source: EV Sales Blog)

The top-selling plug-in models in July were Kia Niro PHEV (437) and Volkswagen Passat GTE (430), which also happened to be the #2 and #3 best-selling models, regardless of powertrain.

Plug-in electric car sales in Sweden – July 2018 (source: EV Sales Blog)

Source: EV Sales Blog, EagleAID
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