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Photosharing for the American Family

08.11.2008 · Posted in Internet Articles

What is really important to you? When you boil it all down, what is really the most important part of your life? If you have kids, it’s them. If you have your mother, father and siblings in your life, it is often your relationship with them. If you have really good friends, they might be most important to you. If you have a pet, that little life may be most important.rnrnAs we grow up, we typically grow further away from those that are most important in our lives that don’t live in our own household. It’s just a fact of life that family and friends move away physically to another town, or your time is consumed by your own family and caring for your immediate loved ones. How do you share your family, your memories, and your life with others that you care so much about without a great deal of cost and time in a secure way so that strangers do not have access?rnrnNow, a novice computer user can build their own, personalized website to permanently share a lifetime of digital media and memories for as little as the cost of a fancy coffee drink each month at The best part is that the company behind this allows you to try it for FREE with no obligation, and it was recently announced that a whopping 85% of all users that tried it for free liked it so much that they subscribed.rnrnThe buzz is growing quickly now that some of the largest companies in the world and industry leaders have signed agreements to help bring this product to the consumer. Disney (global theme park/entertainment leader), Westgate Resorts (world’s 3rd largest timeshare company), Mitsubishi (global photo kiosk provider), Kiddie Kandids (top 5 national portrait studio chain), and BowTie (largest U.S. pet magazine publisher) have all signed contracts that go live this year.rnrnIn addition, Dell now includes the flagship consumer site in the new “Best of Web” section of The Best of Web site makes online shopping easier and more enjoyable by aggregating, organizing and explaining services and special offers from a selection of industry-leading providers. PC magazine even featured a “Top 10 App to Preserve Memories”.rnrnDigitalPost Interactive, Inc. ( based in Irvine, California and its CEO Michael Sawtell has created this incredible opportunity for family to share their photos and video effectively and securely. The company is poised for explosive growth due to several key agreements that go live over the balance of 2008. Many independent analysts now view the stock of DigitalPost Interactive (BB: DGLP) as a “Speculative Buy” due to growth forecasts and its recent trading price near year lows at about .10 per share.rnrnSummer is likely to create some wonderful pictures and videos. Now it is time to share those experiences with the people you care about. Once available, you can also easily create products that range from prints to photo mugs, photo-t-shirts and more. These are the gifts that seem to last longest and mean the most to people close to you, hence, the best gift ever for as little as $5 a month.

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