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Photos show Venice’s canals eerily empty during coronavirus pandemic

Photos show Venice's canals eerily empty during coronavirus pandemicItaly has become the second-most-affected country by the spread of the coronavirus, with approximately 60 million people under total lockdown. The spread of COVID-19, the official term for the disease caused by the virus, has been especially severe there, with confirmed cases in all 20 regions of the country. At the time of writing, Italy has seen 24,747 total cases of the virus, a number which has doubled within the last five days. A total of 1,809 people have died. As part of the lockdown, the Italian government has rolled out national restrictions on public gatherings, a form of social distancing which is our best weapon to fight the spread of the virus. Travel is also restricted, with only special circumstances allowed. People in Venice appear to be heeding these restrictions and staying indoors, transforming the buzzing tourist-populated city on the water into a picture of relative stillness.  Read more... More about Travel, Venice, Coronavirus, Culture, and Health

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