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‘Persona 5 Royal’ first impressions: Same same but different

03.17.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles
'Persona 5 Royal' first impressions: Same same but differentIf you’re interested in Persona 5 Royal, chances are you’ve already played Persona 5. And if you’ve already played Persona 5, chances are you loved it. The Japanese RPG received overflowing praise upon its 2017 English release, exciting players with a satisfying blend of school life and dungeon crawling. If that wasn’t enough, the engaging turn-based battles came wrapped in striking style and a funky acid jazz soundtrack, making Persona 5 one of the most memorable games of the year. Releasing Mar. 31, Persona 5 Royal is essentially the same game with a few tweaks and additions. The biggest change is the inclusion of several new characters, most notably gymnast Kasumi Yoshizawa. There are more activities, new areas, revamped battles, expanded dungeons, and a couple of new mechanics. However, like piling sweets atop an iced cake, none of this alters the game’s delicious base.  Read more... More about Review, Playstation 4, Video Game, Persona 5, and Persona 5 Royal

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