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People think this video of Rami Malek promoting a hotel is weird as ****

03.02.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
You might consider yourself a fan of actor Rami Malek, but did you know he's a fan of a whole bunch of stuff, too? He's a fan of Freddie Mercury and Queen, of course. But he's also fan of his mom, chamomile tea, handwritten letters, classic movies, and looking sharp "regardless of the occasion," to name a few. We know all of this because the Bohemian Rhapsody star recorded a slightly bizarre promotional video for Mandarin Oriental hotels, titled "Rami Malek: I'm a fan." In the one-minute video, the actor sits in front of some beautiful scenery, listing his ~deep~ interests in a monotone voice as though he's reading a poem. Read more... More about Twitter, Video, Meme, Web Culture, and Rami Malek

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