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Payroll Debit Cards: A Boon For Small Businesses:

09.24.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

The functions of Payroll debit cards are similar to that of a prepaid credit card. These cards offer attractive payroll solutions. Small businesses (consisting of 50-500 employees) and businesses having seasonal or temporary employees can consider using Payroll debit cards for their payroll services.nnPayroll debit cards have benefited several MLM and Forex companies, insurance firms and trade organizations based in Asia, Brazil, Europe, Malaysia and Singapore. These debit cards eliminate cost incurred in printing supplies and paper checks and thereby reduce the payroll processing cost. Payroll debit cards offer remittance facility for companies with overseas employees. Through this, companies can send money to their employees in more convenient and inexpensive way.nnPayroll debit cards allow employers to check card balance of their employees and monitor their online financial transactions. This will help the employers to keep a track record of the employees’ salaries. Payroll debit cards can contribute heavily towards increasing business prospects of a company.nnThese cards are accepted in almost all the business establishments like restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and many other business outlets all over the world. Payroll debit cards are very beneficial for employees without savings or checking accounts. Besides, employees do not have to pay any kind of bank fees while cashing their salaries. They can receive money simply by visiting the nearest ATM center accepting MasterCard or Visa. With payroll debit cards, employees do not have to wait in long queues to cash their checks.nnPayroll debit cards have made the money transfer process much easier. With payroll debit cards, you can easily transfer money to any foreign without having to pay any extra charges as transfer fees.nnPayroll debit cards are also a better and safe option than carrying cash. Thus, prepaid cards can prove to be very beneficial for both, employers and employees.

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