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Papas Burgeria – The Top Cooking game of all time.

03.18.2012 · Posted in Arts and Entertainment Article

The internet is a very big and fun place, while you are work(coughing),”let’s rephrase that”… while you are on a break… or bored at home, it does not hurt to **** some time by going on an internet website to play cool arcade games.rnOne of them is called Papas burgeria. The game consists of making burgers for hungry customers. Papas Burgeria is easy to understand and play, both adults and kids will love it.rnAt the start of the game, you will notice an order station where all your customers come to order their burger. When the order is taken, your next goal will be to go to the Grill station. From there, you will need to put your burgers on the grill and follow the timer, make sure you do not overcook your meat or your customers will get angry at you!rnrnYour next goal will be to make burgers by putting the meat in the burger bread. It sounds simple but in reality, this part of the game is not too easy at first. You will have the choice between distinct sauces, Ketchup, mayonnaise, Mustard and BBQ. On the other side of the screen, you will notice different veggies like salad, onions, tomatoes and so on.rnWhen the first order shows up, you will need to cook your meat as fast as possible, make sure you cook both sides of the meat, this is what makes Papas Burgeria quiet fun, then, on the Build station, follow carefully the request of each customer.rnOn the first levels, you will get the burgers one by one, but slowly, as the game progresses, more customers will come to your order station, and your workload will increase to a point where it becomes quite messy if you do not manage to order your work logically.rnWhen a burger is successfully cooked, your customers will check it out to see if the job has been done right, you will receive some money for each sale. If you decide to play Papas Burgeria, remember one thing, you will have to learn on how to do multiple tasks at the same time from cooking, ordering, serving, making the burgers and so on. Keep an eye on all our orders and you will really enjoy the game.rnPapas Burgeria is a fantastic game. It is perhaps one of the best flash single player games on the net because the graphics are young and well designed, the goal of running your own Burger shop is quite cool. A highly recommended game for anyone looking for fun on the net, Papas Burgeria is flash based and do not require any installation on the PC.

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