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Painting Masonry The Right Way- A Step By Step Guide For Beginners

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Painting your home is a decision that is worth taking when you are tired of having an old worn outlook. However, the decision of painting your home often comes with challenges that are nerve-racking. The biggest of all is analyzing the wall surfacing of your home. As the interior and exterior walls have different types of surfaces, you need to find different paints for both. To figure out the right way to paint different surfaces is, of course, a tiring task. You have to put a lot of energy and time to find the right paints for the right surfaces.

If you find it difficult to find flawless residential masonry work in Waltham MA, specifically related to masonry painting, this guide is your quick help. We have created this step by step guide to help you transform the entire look of your home by painting your masonry work.

Masonry Painting Is Challenging

When it comes to painting masonry, many homeowners get confused as the textures of materials like bricks and stucco is rough, so they think that it would be hard to paint these surfaces. There is no denying the fact that you find it more difficult to paint brick-like surfaces as compared to the ones made of plaster or wood. But they design special paints for masonry work, all you have to do is find the right paint and use it the right way.

How to Find The Best Masonry Paint?

When you are on your shopping spree of finding the right masonry paint for your home, make sure that you tell the shopkeeper about your exact requirements. The paint that you would need for bricks is definitely different from the one that you need for stucco. There are some distinguishing features of this kind of paint from the paints that we usually use in normal painting tasks and you must know about them before you actually go to the market for buying paints. These paints give a very smooth, nice and appealing look when we coat them on bricks. You can always check them on a sample before actually buying them.

Other Materials You Would Need

First, have a quick look at the tools that you should have in your hand when painting your masonry work and brick walls. Make sure you have a painter’s tape, paintbrush, latex primer, soap, water, trisodium phosphate, paint roller, latex paint and drop cloths with you, along with the right selection of paints for different surfaces.

Figure Out Your Paint Supplies

Before you actually visit the shop, you must calculate how much paint is needed to cover the entire masonry work of your home. Once you measure the area, you would be able to figure out the number of paint cans that are needed for the job. Usually, the one-gallon can of paint covers nearly 350-400 square feet area. Now, you can easily calculate how much paint you need according to your specific needs.

Preparing Your Masonry for Painting

This step is crucial as you directly can’t apply paint on your brick walls. If you are thinking of hiring the best painting service, you don’t have to worry about this preparatory step as they would take care of everything from scratch. However, if you are doing a DIY job, read this part carefully because it is very important for you to prepare your masonry for painting before you actually paint it.

Given below are some of the preparatory stages before actually making the coat of your favorite paint color.

  • Clean the Surfaces

For good finishing, it is always mandatory for you to have the surface completely cleaned. Whatever is the material, you simply cannot get desired results if there is dirt that needs to be removed. If it is possible, power wash all your walls so that there are no signs left of the old flaking paint. Only this way, the new layer of paint is going to stay intact for longer.

  • Remove Stubborn Grime Stains With Wire Brush

Even if you are not hiring a power wash company, you can still remove stubborn paint and grime stains with the help of a wire brush. A wired brush easily scrubs off the stubborn dirt and stains from the lines of grout. However, be gentle when you are using the brush on your walls because when using carelessly, it can cause the crumbling of grout lines.

  • Use Bleach Solution

Lastly, if there is mold grown on your walls, this is the right time to remove it. You need all kinds of mold and mildew completely removed and bleach is the perfect solution for this. However, you should always avoid using a  cleaning solution that is acidic as it would damage your paint job even more.

  • Prim The walls

The next step after cleaning is, priming the walls and giving proper coverage to all those areas where you don’t want to coat paint. For the purpose, you can also use painter’s tape. It will cover all the edges and corners of the house.

  • Apply The Paint

When you are completely satisfied with the condition of your walls, the next step is, of course, applying coats of your newly selected paint. For applying, it would be better to use the paint wisely. Follow all the instructions given in this article and add another coat of paint, if necessary.  First, try to stir it with the help of straw and use it only when the walls are completely dried out as it is essential for the perfect finish of your new paint.

Perks of Painting Masonry- Final Thought

When you choose to paint your masonry work in your home by hiring the best painting service in Waltham MA, it gives your home a very appealing look. You simply can’t take your eyes off from a neatly painted wall. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, it also acts as an insulation material for your home. When the insulation of your home is good enough, you can actually reduce your energy costs by reducing your heating or air conditioning use. Moreover, when you paint your masonry, it allows it to breathe more easily by keeping the moisture out.

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