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Old Bay launched a hot sauce, it went viral, crashed website, sold out in 30 minutes

I grew up in Virginia, and we used Old Bay Seasoning like folks around the country use salt and pepper. We really did put it on and in everything -- definitely stuff like crab cakes, fried fish, chicken, steaks, and of course, boiled crab ("crab bawl!"). I buy it in a 24-oz institutional size can. I am not even kidding. Recently, Old Bay Seasoning teased a new hot sauce on social media.

Evidently, so many other people love both Old Bay AND hot sauce that the response was just too much. The company's website crashed. The limited edition product sold out in 30 minutes. I have but three words for whoever is running things over there at McCormick (which owns Old Bay). PLEASE
MORE. The Old Bay social media account is apologizing to sad fans like me who didn't manage to place an order before it sold out.

More from Twitter below. Sounds like it's really good and lives up to the hype!


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