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Now’s the time to switch over to cast iron cookware

02.11.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles
Now's the time to switch over to cast iron cookwareYou've most likely heard at least one of your friends rave about how much they love their cast iron skillet (I am one of those friends). It's for good reason, though — with better heat retention and a surface that doesn't impart any unwanted flavors, it's the best way to make your food.  So, if you haven't made the switch (or have been thinking about doing it), today is the day: Cuisinart cast iron cookware is on sale on Amazon. Usually, their items reach into the $100 mark, but right now, you can get a few different items for as little as $55.  All of Cuisinart's cast iron pieces all provide the superior heat retention and distribution you'd come to expect from this kind of cookware. The porcelain-enameled exterior of each item is super durable, and should last you a lifetime if you take care of it well. (The porcelain surface also won't take away any flavors from your food, making sure you have all the control over how your final product will taste.) Read more... More about Cuisinart, Mashable Shopping, Kitchen Appliances, Cookware, and Culture

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