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Now It Is Time for Ethically Responsible Clothing

04.30.2009 · Posted in Shopping and Fashion

Ethically responsible clothing is a part of ethical consumerism that refers to the purchase and use of only those clothing that have been manufactured ethically. This means that they have been made with the least damage to or abuse of humans, animals, and nature. People practice buying ethically responsible clothing by only buying those clothes that meet these criteria. nnOver the last decade, there has been an increase in the number of designers that are designing and selling ethically responsible clothing as there is an increase in demand for these in the market. This has been due to the increasing awareness that consumers nowadays have about business practices. This has led to a lot of companies improving on their practices to make their clothing more ethical so that they can also benefit from this increase in ethical consumerism.nnThe fundamental principle following this thought is that people should purchase those things that they think have been made ethically. This makes buying “green” products a decent selection. nnThis also has some Judeo-Christian constituent to it as people consider that they must take fine care of Earth as it is their commitment to ***. Therefore, people exercise ethical consumerism so they can be sustainable in all their acts, and facilitate the world they exist in and the individuals they share it with. nnPeople also consider they are accountable for the situation of the market as they “vote” for a certain exercise every time they purchase a piece of clothing. If they buy clothes that are made through child labour, then they are fundamentally saying, by buying those clothes, that they are ok with child labour. People who do not buy these clothes are, in effect, saying that they are not alright with the tradition of child labour and will not support it by helping the company make profits. One of the simplest ways to demonstrate our morals is through the products we buy and the money we spend. nnThere are now plentiful symbols that can normally be seen on products presented in the market that show the group of practices that were used in manufacturing that good. Examples of this include the symbols for recycling, fair trade, communal liability, organic food, organic trade, shade-grown coffee, kosher, hilal, vegetarian, free range, grass fed breed, union made, and rainforest union certified. nnWhile a few of the bigger brands have transformed their policies so that they can manufacture morally conscientious clothing, like Adidas, there are many new companies that have sprung up to fill this role market. A lot of these clothing is offered online, but many brands also sell in stores from corner to corner of the country. nnWhen buying morally responsible clothing, make certain you do your investigation on the existing brands and the kinds of clothes you can get. You can now obtain everything from shoes and socks to even designer clothing for proper events. By purchasing morally responsible clothing, you are showing your support for the companies that make these.

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