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Nothing Is More Important Than Your Child’s Safety

11.01.2011 · Posted in Family Articles

All parents are aware that keeping your child from danger is a basic responsibility of parenthood, and danger lurks everywhere in all its various forms. Objects and activities that appear to be harmless become something else given the curiosity and imagination of a child. Parents must watch their child all his waking moments to ensure his safety, and if that weren’t enough, they need be very aware of his sleeping environment as well.rnrnThis care for safety must be in place when the parents entrust their child to others also. There can be informal arrangements made on a temporary basis to care for a child. This can be safe assuming the parents know well the individual that is doing the babysitting. Still, no one cares for a child’s safety as vehemently as his parents.rnrnProfessional day care centers can claim to be completely secure when it comes to their young wards, but they can never provide the same amount of love and affection to the child as can his parents, but, in truth, they really can supply the safety measures necessary to put every parent’s mind at rest. Day care centers are inspected by state licensing agencies for standards of paint, carpet, furniture, play equipment and toys and these standards must be maintained by the center if they intend to stay in business. The facility must pay very close attention to cleanliness, sanitation, security and supervision. The top priority of a good day care facility is the safety of its young charges.rnrnThe safety measures at a licensed day care center are vital for the security of the children. The center must insist the parents give them a list of people they authorize to pick up their child from the facility and sometimes the centers will ask for secret codes to be used over the phone if there is a change to this list. Codes can be of prime importance in the case of a custody dispute or a court order. Most day care centers are required to keep their doors locked at all times during regular hours of operation. Authorized personnel are given codes to enter the facility. If someone arrives to pick up a child who is unknown to the center, they will pay strict attention to examining all records or call the parents to obtain the child’s release to that individual. Picture IDs are very often a requirement to enter a day care center.rnrnClose supervision is a must at a day care center for as everyone knows, children are ****** geniuses when it comes to finding trouble, even if danger seems very remote. With a cadre of trained, responsible individuals in place to oversee the children’s play and interaction, the risk of harm is greatly lessened. Just by making certain there is someone keeping an eye on the little ones at all times, a day care facility is able to substantially reduce the risk of injury to its little imps.rnrnSanitation is also a measure that is not always considered when parents think of safety. As we have all heard from various news sources in recent months, people, especially children, do not wash their hands frequently enough. And frequent hand washing is considered the easiest and most effective method to stop the spread of communicable disease. At a licensed daycare center, kids are taught to wash at specific intervals – such as prior to eating and after outdoor play – and also after toileting, sneezing, and coughing. During cold and flu season, hand washing frequency increases as a simple method of deterrent.rnrnIn most cases, it is the parents who form the first line of defense against danger befalling their children. This is probably obvious as no one considers the little darlings as precious as their parents do. When the loving parent cannot be there with his child, though, the parent must feel comfortable depending upon a chosen, trusted caregiver to see to his child’s needs. A qualified, licensed day care center provides children with this kind of security along with a soupcon of serenity for their parents.

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