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NEWS7’s Make in Odisha Interviewed Dr. Satyabrata Minaketan for His Success with Healthville, Eastern India’s Largest Naturopathy Centre

5th March 2021, Bhubaneswar, Odisha – Healthville, Eastern India’s largest naturopathy centre, has recently made its way to one of Odisha’s most popular news channel NEWS7’s Make in Odisha tele program for its outstanding contribution towards the promotion and development of Naturopathy, Ayurveda and other traditional nature cure therapies in India and worldwide. The magnificent 38-acre property, which includes 4 acres of the construction area and rests with lush greenery, is renowned for its quality deliverance of the highest standard and proven traditional nature cure services without any use of modern medicines. With its serene surroundings, quality nature cure services, top-grade facilities, experienced doctors, sattvic diet, superb staying accommodation and amazing recreational activities, today Healthville is a top contender for best naturopathy centre in all over India.

During the Make in Odisha interview, Founder of Healthville – Dr. Satyabrata Minaketan said, “At Healthville, we believe in the true healing power of Mother Nature which best supports and stimulates our body’s natural ability to heal from inside, without using any costly, side-effect creating medicine. Our naturopathy centre’s goal is to treat individuals with complete care for their mind, body and soul. Our holistic nature cure approach doesn’t include any invasive or costly medications, thus treating the very roots of your ailments while optimally strengthening the body’s natural defences. Our naturopathy treatments promote positive thinking within individuals, improved mental wellbeing, boosts optimism, and eliminates stress, depression, and anxiety.” 

He further added, “We serve a wide range of naturopathy and other nature care therapies which were previously not available in Odisha. People had to travel out of the state to avail such miraculous treatments, and that to be in a very costly manner. Even these days, people interested in naturopathy services will have to spend lakhs if they choose any leading naturopathy centre to avail such the services with inclusion of staying and fooding accommodation. But this will not be the scenario with Healthville. Although we are one of the leading and most premium naturopathy centres in India, all our services are extremely budget suited without any quality compromise, so that anyone can avail them without any second thoughts.”

Continuing his statement, Dr. Satyabrata Minaketan added, “Our client testimonials perfectly refer how Healthville services positively impacted their lives within a very short period of time. Our naturopathy treatments will identify and treat the causes of your ailments with the healing power of nature while encouraging further prevention. Healthville also employs local residents to take care of the beautiful property while ensuring employment and financial security for the local residents. Healthville is almost a self-sustainable property, delivering the best of naturopathy treatments with a great combination of all family recreation, relaxation and great food far away from the crowded city lives. Healthville has served thousands in just past few years, and we intend to grow the number of our happy customers to millions in the upcoming years.”

About Healthville:

Established with the motto to promote India’s all-natural, globally-proven and pristine healing science, Healthville is a premium naturopathy centre and wellness resort in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, surrounded by lush green and striking Mother Nature views. Promoting unparallel tranquillity and soul-soothing relaxation, this health village in Bhubaneswar offers the highest standard naturopathy treatment, ayurvedic treatment, yoga therapies, physiotherapy, pranic healing, acupuncture and other natural healthcare remedies best suited for a long list of modern diseases. Interested individuals can get free health consultation at Healthville and book their stays at Healthville, the best rated natural healthcare centre in Odisha, by dialling 7008999277 today.

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