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New Facets of Integrative Medicine: Asheville NC

08.19.2009 · Posted in Massage Articles

For folks who are looking to delve into the more specialized schools of acupuncture, Asheville NC is a great place to learn about the specific modalities within the art; namely, five element acupuncture. When it comes to learning about the different facets and schools of acupuncture, Asheville NC couldn’t be a better place to acquire such an education, as well as experience healing at the hands of those trained in the art. The Asheville integrative medicine scene is teeming with authentic, seasoned healers who have studied at length under the world’s finest teachers in order to impart their knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other healing methods to those who wish to learn and receive integrative healing. rnrnWhen a practitioner of five element acupuncture observes the reflections of the elements within their client, some things they might do to diagnose include listening to the person’s voice, smelling their scent, viewing the color or aura emanating from the client, and observing the emotional patterns of the client. For those unfamiliar with five element acupuncture, it has to do with the five elements (water, wood/plant life, fire, earth and metal/minerals) which correspond with the five — yes, five — seasons (winter, spring, summer, late/Indian summer and fall). These elements and their corresponding seasons express themselves in various ways in our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits. The practitioner will then compile these observations, along with tongue patterns, pulse characteristics, and an overall physical examination, and then determine which of the five elements best applies to the client and which acupuncture meridian points have been called upon to open the flow of life force, or c’hi. rnrnIf you’re looking to explore a new approach to acupuncture that utilizes color, sound and smell to diagnose and treat conditions, give this highly esoteric yet amazing school of acupuncture a try. In the thriving world of Asheville integrative medicine, five element acupuncture is a little-known, but incredible form of acupuncture which seeks to restore the body, mind, heart and spirit as a whole instead of simply reducing physical symptoms. You should have very little difficulty finding a practitioner who focuses on this type of acupuncture. Asheville NC has acupuncturists who are well-trained and experienced in this specialized healing art. They understand the Laws of Nature and are able to use them to diagnose, assist, and move the body, mind, heart and spirit into a place of total health. Be warned, however, that five element acupuncture can be a bit painful, but when patients see long-term results, they are more than happy to forego some momentary discomfort.

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