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My Manhattan Weekend

04.10.2010 · Posted in Recreation Articles

My Manhattan weekend was for a week and the roof space apartment was in the center of the city providing a magnificent city view. From the terrace, I was having a complete view of Cape Town and the Table Mountain. I parked my car in an in-built parking lot and booked it for a week. It was the best place to park my car. I got it easily because I had intimated, which is very good in building parking spaces in different areas of Manhattan.rnrnI decided to go to the Table Mountain, in a cable car. The car was moving at a considerable height and I was afraid to look down because I feel nauseating. When I reached the top, I almost felt the same way of jet lagging. However, in a matter of minutes I was ready to see my way around and enjoy the scenario. The sight at such height was absolutely fascinating and exciting.rnrnDuring the course of my stay in Manhattan, I was curious to know about the real estate scenario.. What astounded me was the price to own a parking space. The parking space is as costly as house elsewhere costing $225,000. The place is very costly and the price is still rising. Many buyers grab a garage but rent it out to others to cover their cost. I was told that there is queue for owning a parking space. The demand in Manhattan is very high.rnrnIn other places like Brooklyn, Riverdale, Harem, etc are roughly $50,000. With the scarcity of parking spaces, spaces in private condominiums are equally higher. Another issue is when I went to New York last summer I had to take the car with me. The hotel in which I booked my stay charged me a lofty price for parking. I decided to seek for an alternative and it took me almost half an hour to find a appropriate parking space. Open parking space is cheaper. Then I came to learn that parking spaces are booked in the internet.rnrnI was told that the best and reliable website for parking space is I made a note of it for future travel to New York. They charge reasonably. $10 for 12 hours is good. It allows you to judge prices of different companies for parking space. They provide maps with locations, mark the reserved space for you. The reservation made ahead will get you a discount then the immediate reservation price.

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