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  • Top 10 Interview Mistakes and How To Avoid Them
    You’ve managed to secure an interview for your dream job. This might have taken hours of work, preparing and sending off your resume, completing an application form, perhaps even a telephone screening.
  • 3 Interview Questions You Can Answer Better
    There are few things in life quite as stressful as interviewing for a new job, but knowing how to answer some of the tricky questions that often come up in interviews can help you feel more prepared and ready to answer the questions that trip up many applicants.
  • 6 Essential Appointment Tips
    When going for an interview, people usually have different perceptions on what to wear, what to say, and even how to carry yourself. This usually affects how you answer interview questions.
  • Phone Interview Questions
    When preparing for a phone interview and phone interview questions, you have to act as if you are meeting with the employer for a regular, face to face interview.
  • Preparing for an Interview – Part II
    Now that you have landed an interview or two with the potential company of your dreams, don’t blow it by messing up on one of the most important things, interview questions.
  • Tricky Interview Questions
    You will come across some tricky interview questions when it comes time to interview for a job. It may seem as though some job interview questions are designed to put you “on the spot.” To a certain extent they are.

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