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  • Reach Your Fitness Goals by Eating Right
    If you're into fitness, you probably know that the more effective way to lose weight and get fit is through resistance training. Even so, the process of getting fit takes time, hours each week. Too bad that many people forget about diet during the process, possibly ruining your chances at reaching your fitness goals.
  • Get powerful fitness results with sandbags
    One of the main reasons kettlebells are so effective is due to how much effort it takes to control them. The energy expended not only builds a solid, overall strength, but also burns calories like nothing else. These are the same reasons sandbags are one of the most effective training tools available.
  • The impossibly beneficial kettlebell
    I want it all. I want to work on my strength, conditioning, appearance, and flexibility all at one time. Not to mention, I only want to workout for 20 minutes. The first thing you'd say to this person is that it sounds impossible. The first thing I'd say is welcome to the kettlebell!
  • Train efficiently with hill-sprints
    One of the quickest ways you can burn fat off your body but still maintain your muscle is by doing hill sprints. Not only is this one of the most effective ways to burn calories, it takes a lot less time than most other versions of cardio. Compare 45 minutes on a stationary bike with a mere 15-20 minutes of solid hill sprints.
  • Fitness performance before looks
    The first thing you notice when you walk through any gym is that there are mirrors everywhere. Where there's a wall, there's a mirror. What do you think this tells you? Most people that go to the gym are simply going to look good. Performance and function in the training world take a back seat to being ripped and looking good.
  • Kettlebell training, efficient workouts in half the time
    Fantastic fitness results can only be achieved when your time is used more resourcefully. Using your time on muscle-specific exercises (like bicep curls) won't yield the results in overall fitness and fat reduction that you're looking for. You need to maximize your results with efficient exercises.
  • Fitness tips for countering an unhealthy state of mind
    Whether you're an average Jill or Joe trying to lose weight or an experienced trainee trying to get ripped, there is way of thinking about food that is more dangerous to your diet and fitness goals than anything else. It's the I HAVE TO HAVE THIS mentality. We've all been in the situation where you have an option for a side of fries or a side salad, but you've already decided well before you got there that you had to have the fries.

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