Kathy Klossner's Articles

  • Seasonal Fundraiser Ideas For The 4 Seasons
    Looking for a few new seasonal fundraiser ideas for your group or organization? Sometimes it’s best to stick to unique, but already proven-successful fundraisers. Here are a few fun ideas that correspond perfectly with each of the 4 seasons.
  • 7 Easy Ways To Enjoy Autumn In Taos, New Mexico
    While many folks only think about the area for the famous ski season that’s just around the corner, the truth is that Taos is an incredible place to visit in the fall too!
  • Recession Crunch: Why Your Church Needs A Fundraiser
    The current economic recession is hitting everyone, including churches. What can churches do to get back on sound financial footing?
  • 7 Tips To Enjoying A Summer Music Festival
    Summer is here, which means the time has come to listen to great music at some of the festivals around the world. Before you pack up for the day and head out to the festival, take a moment to learn some tips so you can have the most fun possible. Find out how to have a great time without any of the stresses that can come with an all-day or multi-day summer music festival.
  • Fun and Festive Class Reunion Weekend Activity Ideas
    Looking for that extra “something” to spice up the next big class reunion weekend you’ve been working so hard to plan? Highly anticipated by attendees, reunions that typically only happen once every 5 or 10 years are incredibly memorable events for all involved. They’re a perfect time to relax and enjoy the past, all while catching up on the latest news.

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