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  • 3 Customer Service Ideas to Earn Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty
    When you stop to think about all the conveniences we have lost over the years, it’s pretty astounding. Doesn’t it seem like we’re doing more with all the automation that was supposed to make our lives easier? Implement these 3 customer service ideas to increase profits with customer satisfaction and customer loyalty through customer convenience.
  • How to Select a Great Topic for an Ebook
    Think of what problems you've recently solved, and what kinds of problems others have had and solved. Any problem that has been solved in your world could easily be the subject of your next book. People love to read how others have solved a problem that they currently have.
  • Testimonials - One of the Most Important Components of the Sale
    You want to make your customers buying decision a no-brainer. By providing detailed testimonials, you are letting everyone who visits your website (especially those who are seriously considering making a purchase) know - without a doubt - that they're making a smart, informed, exceptionally wise decision. You want to show you are a reputable and credible business.
  • Trust is the First Step of Selling
    The best way to sell a customer is by first gaining their trust and reassuring them that by making a purchase from you, it will be a decision they won't regret.
  • Low Cost Marketing by Publishing Your Own Ezine
    As an Ezine publisher, you gain the benefits of a conventional newsletter publisher enjoys without worrying about paper at all! You can easily and conveniently spread your marketing influence and expertise to all your subscribers even if you are just an ordinary individual. Basically, you’re the boss!
  • 9 Questions to Ask Before Committing to an Affiliate Program
    Do your research about the affiliate programs you have selected. Get the answers to these 9 questions because they will be the deciding point of what you will be achieving later on.
  • Use Product Recommendations To Increase Affiliate Sales
    Try product recommendations to increase affiliate sales and be among the few who have proven its worth.
  • Using Streaming Video to Increase Affiliate Sales
    Using streaming video to boost the income that is generated from your affiliate program can be new and exciting for your customers.
  • Are Free Membership Sites Worth Building?
    Why limit your mailing list to just a paid membership site? Why not build a free membership site and gain an unlimited number of names and email addresses to which you have the legal right to send marketing emails? There simply is not a good reason for NOT having a free membership least not one that I can see.
  • Google Suggest for Niche Market Research
    I have several ways I do keyword research depending on what I need keywords for. A few months ago, a friend mentioned Google Suggest, a tool I had not heard of. He had to explain it to me several times until the light went on in my brain.
  • Are You Taking Advantage of Online Business Opportunities or Playing it Safe?
    There are opportunities around us every day. How many of us actually act on those opportunities?

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