Di Roberts's Articles

  • Forty and Holding - Feeling Flat and Fat?
    "What happened to my energy? I feel so flat all the time. Why can't I lose any weight? I'm practically starving myself but the pounds just won't go away like they did a few years ago." Any of this ring a bell? Here's what you can do about it.
  • Secrets to Making the "Great Law of Weight Loss" Work for You
    he Great Law of Weight Loss looks really easy: Decrease your incomings and increase your outgoings. Burn more calories than you take in. Simple, huh? Now let's see the hands of everybody who has done that found that it works just like that over the long haul. Anybody? It seems Mother Nature has a few tricks in her bonnet. So what's a body to do?
  • Losing the Fat that Lurks Within
    Successful weight loss isn't just about pounds right? Just look in the mirror and try on or imagine yourself in a bikini or a Speedo. Nice picture? If there's a pronounced belly effect in this image, you're probably carrying too much visceral fat. That's fat we really want to lose.

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