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Mom’s mug collection finally gets the display it deserves, and the internet is in love

06.14.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
If you think that love or chivalry are dead, you are sorely mistaken.  But you gotta remember to personalize that shit! Bringing home flowers? Passé. A box of chocolates? Whitman's can keep their money. Take a page from this guy's romance book, and learn how it's really done.  Ana Stanowick posted a photo to Twitter of her mom's new boyfriend finishing a wall display to show off her mother's mug collection, which, just from what we can see, consists of at least 51 glorious mugs!
my dad used to get so mad every time my mom would come home w a new coffee mug (she likes to collect them) and her new bf literally built her a wall to display her collection. this is why we don’t settle for loser boys, ladies!!!!! — Ana Stanowick (@AnaStanowick_) June 13, 2019 Read more...
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