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Modern Day Testing Tools for the Enterprise

10.22.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Most software organizations use the famous v-model to develop software products. This is due to this model’s flexibility to execute both the development and testing phases in parallel. Although a good test automation tool would increase overall testing efficiency, only when it works well with the QA methodology used by the product it can perform excellently. Other features like documentation support and metrics generation can be easily generated once the test tool is able work well with the project methodology.nnIn large organizations many projects run parallel. So, it becomes difficult to track the QC activities for all of them from a centralized point. Overlooking QC activities can be disastrous for the test teams; so, a centralized test automation which can manage parallel running testing projects in an organization is highly desirable.nnTo manage software projects within budgets, it is essential that the project testing cost does not go beyond a certain limit. Since most of the time project cost exceeds budget due to delayed project execution and testing, a robust test automation tool becomes essential for testing groups.nnToday, there are test automation tools that are highly efficient and are capable of bringing down overall cost and time of product development to the tune of 10-20%. Resource allocation activities within the team are also carried out by such efficient tools.nnNew technological advancements have helped to launch SaaS hosted testing platforms for software organizations. These tools can efficiently cater to all requirements related to QA methodologies, multiple resource handling and minimizing project costs. Since there are no test resources that need to be managed, the SaaS hosted platform is one of the highly efficient ways to operate within tight budget constraints.nnSaaS enabled testing tools can merge with existing tools like JIRA or BUGZILLA also. They can continue to support their existing features or work independently too. Test metrics, test case management, test documentation etc. some of the features they support.

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